Why I’m leaving Facebook

I’m no longer an active Facebook user.

That’s a big, big, deal.

I think there are plenty of reasons.

For one thing, Facebook is a company that makes more money from advertising than from users, so its advertising revenue is almost entirely tied up in ads that aren’t working.

I also think Facebook is doing a terrible job in keeping people engaged with its products, particularly its News Feed, which is full of posts about politics and celebrities.

I’ll explain why in a moment.

Facebook’s product is so badly broken that it’s become a distraction from the important work of doing important work.

Facebook has lost users who use Facebook to connect with friends and family and socialize with friends.

Its user base has shrunk, and the company is in the process of selling itself to Alphabet, which owns YouTube, Google, and Instagram.

It’s a good thing that Alphabet bought Facebook for a billion dollars, but I’ve had enough.

Facebook is an amazing platform for building a brand and building a community.

But it’s a disaster for building the world you want.

Its algorithms are too weighted to favor Facebook posts that are more popular.

Facebook likes are biased toward the most popular posts.

Its product is too complex to be used as a social network for the world.

Its business model is so opaque that it is difficult to understand how it makes money.

And yet Facebook still manages to dominate the news.

Facebook isn’t just the most-popular social network, it’s the most important one.

Facebook posts dominate news feeds across the globe.

News posts are a source of power.

News feeds are a way to organize information.

They are a tool for sharing information.

If you can build a powerful, powerful, highly connected, influential, and powerful company, you’ll be able to influence the world around you, too.

It also means that you can get paid to create news stories.

This is why I don’t use Facebook anymore.

I’ve seen how easy it is to manipulate the news feed.

I’m not alone.

A recent study found that almost three-quarters of Facebook users are now using Facebook to manipulate news, according to the New York Times.

I found the same thing when I switched to Google News, which doesn’t pay you to write about politics, but instead encourages you to make news stories about yourself and your friends.

You can make money doing this, but it means that there are more people using Facebook who aren’t paying attention to news, which leads to more manipulation and less value for the company.

The only way to stop Facebook is to completely change how we think about the world we live in.

The more people we allow to use the internet, the less we’re able to think about it.

We’re all just living on the web.

That means more manipulation.

More manipulation of what you can think about.

The less you’re able as a human being to think critically, the more likely you are to think of the world in a way that serves your agenda.

Facebook helps to create a world in which the world works for the people who are most powerful.

I left Facebook to pursue a career in media, but this is my life’s work.

The people who control the internet have a real stake in the fate of this country.

They control what we read, who we talk to, what we do with our phones, who gets paid to write their news, who can get money to write news stories for them.

If they can use Facebook and Twitter to do these things, they will dominate the conversation, too, whether you like it or not.

Facebook, for example, controls what people say on its platform, what people share about it, what they make of it, how much they pay for it, and how they use it.

When Facebook has more power, it is easier to manipulate people and the media.

But Facebook is also a company whose products are undervalued, especially by the rest of the internet.

It has so much of the value, and so little of the risk, that its product can become a tool that harms its users, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time.

If Facebook is worth as much as it is today because it’s not a good fit for people, then it’s worth less today than it was yesterday.

I believe the only way that I can change the way I interact with the internet is to move away from Facebook.

I won’t use it anymore.