What to expect from the BitCake trial in 2017

A trial of a new blockchain-based software product will begin in the UK this month and will see participants use a blockchain to record and transfer financial data.

BitCake is a platform for creating digital currency using the BitCoin blockchain.

It has a range of features including an online trading platform, a secure wallet for customers and a website that allows users to transfer their coins.

The trial, called Blockchain, will see BitCakes users record their financial transactions using the bitcoin blockchain.

The service, called BitCave, is based on the BitCoin technology and is being developed by blockchain company BitCafe.

The company has signed up 100 developers and aims to release a free version of the product this year.

BitCoins can be purchased on BitCaves website, but the service will not be available to UK residents.

The trial will involve the following activities: Participants will be given a BitCape wallet and a wallet address to use for trading and receiving the funds.

Participant will be able to open a BitCoap wallet to record their transactions and send and receive money.

At the end of the trial, participants will be notified of the outcome of their transaction.

BitCaking is the first blockchain-driven financial product to launch in the United Kingdom.

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