Why Google is so keen to help with the transition from Google Play to Android, in an interview

Google’s chief operating officer Luca Maestri said the company was keen to work with developers to create apps for Android that could benefit from Google’s new APIs, including its Play Services. 

As part of that, the company is looking to work in partnership with developers on new apps that could offer consumers better access to their personal data.

“The next two or three years we’re looking at apps that we think could be interesting for Android consumers that are able to use the Play Services and the new APIs to really get some great new experiences, particularly for the first-time consumer,” Maestrri told the Wall Street Journal in an exclusive interview.

Maestri’s comments come after Google’s Play Services announced that it would be making Android’s new API changes available to third-party developers. 

In an update to its Play Developer platform, Google announced that developers could now build apps that work on the Play Store with the new API.

“The Play Services have become the most widely used APIs for Android apps, and Google’s goal is to deliver an experience that works well on Android,” said a Google spokesperson in a statement.

“We’re excited to be able to offer developers the opportunity to leverage these new APIs and continue to grow the ecosystem around Android.”

The new APIs allow developers to run apps that run on the Android platform, which means that apps can now work on devices that don’t have an official Google Play Store app.

The announcement comes after the Google Play services released its first Android API update in November 2017. 

This update added support for Android Pay, Google’s virtual wallet service, and new apps to the Play store.

Google has since released more APIs that allow developers and users to add new features to Android. 

“As a result of these improvements, Android now has more than 40 million apps in the Google Store and over 100,000 in the Play Marketplace,” Google said in its release.

“Google Play Services are essential to our Android experience, so it’s a win-win for all of us.

We’ll continue to support developers with API updates as we continue to build the most powerful and intuitive Android experience.”