Softwares Technology Company to invest $100M in the new RVS technology company

Softwires Technology Company announced Thursday it would invest $1.25 billion in a new software and hardware company to help accelerate the transition to next-generation manufacturing and services.

The company, based in Austin, Texas, will create a new $20 billion manufacturing company and create 200 full-time jobs in Austin.

Softwears is working with RVS Group, a leading provider of advanced manufacturing technologies and solutions to the semiconductor and graphics industries.

The two companies will team up to help RVS achieve more than $50 billion in total RVS investments and create more than 1,000 new manufacturing jobs over the next five years, the companies said in a joint statement.RVS Group has more than a century of manufacturing experience, including more than 200 manufacturing jobs at one of the largest chipmakers in the world.

Softws software is the technology powering the company’s next-gen manufacturing technology.

Softwires will be an independent, not-for-profit company, with an independent board, executives said in the statement.

RVS is focused on manufacturing and software and technology for the semiconductors industry, they said.

The announcement comes just a day after RVS said it plans to spend $1 billion to buy a controlling stake in a company it owns in a deal that could be worth as much as $30 billion.

The deal would give Softwres customers in more than 20 countries the ability to access its cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing and service capabilities.