The NHL’s newest software technology is a hit with players

The National Hockey League’s newest technology is proving a hit.

The league’s new software, called HockeyVu, is the latest product the NHL has launched to help its players play video games on a daily basis.

The software lets players control the speed of their sticks and speed of puck skates and also features a puck tracker that lets the player track where the puck is going and what it’s doing.

Players can also use the software to track their opponents’ shots, as well as the shots they miss.

The NHL says it has had 2.5 million users since the software was introduced in October.

It also has a new video game mode called the Power Play that allows players to score goals on a variety of plays, including faceoffs, power plays and penalty kills.

The game mode is now available in both the preseason and regular season.

The NHL has also released the NHLPA’s newest video game, called NHL Mobile, that lets players use their mobile devices to compete against other players on the ice.

The game is available for Android phones and tablets as well.

Players will be able to use the new software on the latest iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Roku, PlayStation, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii consoles.

The new software will be available at the NHL’s online store for $49.99.

The app will also be available on, the NHL app for Android and iOS and NHL mobile.

The first batch of software is available on the mobile app.

The second batch is expected to be released in the coming months.