Which companies are investing in the AI revolution?

Companies investing in AI-powered services, such as robots that can identify human faces, have been steadily making headway over the past few years.

But it remains to be seen whether AI-driven services will eventually become a pervasive, pervasive technology.

Here are five companies that are investing heavily in AI, or at least are investing to the tune of $500 billion.

* Alphabet’s parent company, Google, announced this month that it would be building a new division that will focus on AI and artificial intelligence, or AI.

Alphabet said it was also investing $50 billion to fund research in artificial intelligence and artificial life.

Alphabet, founded in 2004, is the parent company of Google and a member of the Alphabet board.

Alphabet was founded to create a single, unified search engine that would help users navigate the web, and to build the AI technology that powers Google’s products.

It has already invested in a number of AI projects, including the development of its DeepMind AI system that competes in the world’s biggest Go gaming tournament.

* Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new initiative called “Vision 2020,” which aims to create “a new era of social computing.”

Zuckerberg said that Facebook was partnering with universities to help fund research into artificial intelligence.

The company plans to invest $5 billion to create artificial intelligence labs at universities across the world.

It will also be working with the University of Pennsylvania to create its first Artificial Intelligence Lab.

* Microsoft’s new AI efforts have been largely focused on building artificial intelligence technology for its Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft said this week that it will also invest in AI research at the University at Buffalo.

Microsoft has also launched a $500 million research program at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

The program will focus primarily on the use of AI to improve human-computer interaction and help improve productivity, said Microsoft spokeswoman Jessica Chappell.

The Stanford AI Lab will focus specifically on “how artificial intelligence will transform the way we interact with computers,” she said.

* Google’s efforts have largely focused around building AI technologies for its Chrome browser, which allows users to interact with webpages through virtual assistants.

The effort includes building a “deep learning” AI platform that can learn to recognize faces, read emails and play games.

Google also has built an artificial intelligence platform that learns how to navigate the internet.

Google has invested in several AI projects as well, including developing a deep learning AI system to help the company understand how Google searches improve search results.

* Amazon announced plans to start developing its own artificial intelligence system, which could be used to create new applications.

Amazon has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to develop a system that will help improve its Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon also has teamed up with IBM to develop artificial intelligence systems for its Prime Now, a streaming service that lets users order products and get discounts.

* IBM announced a partnership with the National Science Foundation to fund an artificial-intelligence research center, which will focus its research on AI.

The NSSF is funding the project at IBM’s Watson Lab in Boston.

The center will build on IBM’s own research efforts in artificial-intelligent technology, IBM said.

This is the latest in a string of investments by IBM, which has invested more than $100 billion in AI and other tech since 2014.

* Yahoo announced this week plans to use AI to create content that people are already using, as part of its effort to get its own content and services onto the web.

The search giant said it will use AI technology to help build its own services, which it said would help it compete in new markets.

Yahoo said it is already working with Microsoft and Facebook on developing the technology that will power the new platform.

Yahoo is also working with Stanford University on developing an artificial intelligent system that learns to read, write and answer questions.

* Twitter is working to develop its own AI technology, which is designed to help it better understand users, including to improve user engagement with its products and services.

The social media company is also planning to develop new products and features that can help it make money from its existing users.

Twitter announced last year that it was building a $1 billion artificial intelligence lab, and last month it announced a $250 million research project in AI.

Twitter has also been partnering with Microsoft to build its first artificial intelligence Lab.

Twitter is also collaborating with IBM on a new research program.

The research program will take up to two years to complete, and will look at how to develop and test AI that can be used for new kinds of applications, such a speech recognition software.

* Apple plans to build artificial intelligence technologies that will make its products better for its users, such by helping them make more money and giving them access to new products, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The announcement came during Apple’s earnings call, which was streamed live on Apple’s investor conference call.

Cook said that Apple will work to “break through the barriers that exist for AI to become a mainstream industry