Why Windows Phone 8.1 is an excellent Windows Phone 7.1 replacement

Microsoft announced a new version of Windows Phone in April that’s aimed at making the phone faster and more secure, but the upgrade didn’t come cheap.

Windows Phone 10.1 for Windows Phone devices is now available for $49.99.

The new upgrade includes a few improvements, but Microsoft’s announcement of the new phone also includes the announcement that it will make it free for a limited time.

While the price is great, it’s also a bit of a bummer.

For those that want to take advantage of the free upgrade, the phone will arrive sometime in August for $39.99 for 8GB and $49 for 16GB.

Microsoft says that this offer is only available in the U.S., and that there’s no word on how long the offer will last.

We can’t say if Microsoft will extend the offer further outside the U, but we’ll keep you updated.