Google launches its next-generation ‘UltraPixel’ phone, with ‘superior’ cameras and an even faster processor

Byuha Technology, which is developing an ultra-high-definition camera for the Pixel 2, is to launch its first ultra-wide-angle camera on its Pixel 2 XL phone later this year.

A high-resolution super wide-angle image sensor has been developed for the device, which features the same sensor technology as Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Pro smartphones, including a 35mm f/1.9 lens.

This means the Pixel XL will be able to shoot 1080p, 60fps video at 30fps with HDR (high dynamic range) and even 4K (4K Ultra HD) video at 60fps.

The Pixel 2 is expected to launch in January.

The next-gen Pixel is due for release in March, but the company’s new flagship smartphone is also expected to have a different camera design and an OLED screen.

Google has not yet revealed pricing for the phone.