Microsoft software technologies to be included in new Windows 10 software releases

Microsoft is expanding the capabilities of its Windows 10 operating system to include the ability for developers to build software applications using the new APIs for building applications that run across Windows 10.

Microsoft said Tuesday that developers will be able to build apps that run on a Windows 10 device and can communicate with a Windows Runtime application running on the device.

Windows 10 will be available to developers through the Windows Insider Program for new versions of Windows and Windows 10 Enterprise editions later this year, Microsoft said.

Microsoft announced its intention to include these APIs in the next major Windows 10 version in May.

The new APIs, Microsoft’s Andrew G. Johnson said in a blog post, allow developers to add their own code to run on devices, such as the HoloLens, that are running Windows 10 or that have been running Windows since last year.

Developers can use these APIs to write a Windows application that runs on a device and communicate with it.

Microsoft said that developers can use the new features to write software that uses these APIs.

Microsoft is also introducing a new Windows Runtime SDK, which will be used to build Universal Windows apps for Windows 10 that run in a Windows device.

The SDK will allow developers with a Universal Windows app to build and ship Windows Runtime applications that are compatible with the Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft added.

Microsoft will also be working with third-party partners to create Universal Windows Runtime apps that are interoperable with Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft plans to provide a preview of Windows 10 SDK 2.0, which is part of the upcoming Windows 10 Build 1709, later this month.

Microsoft also will be releasing new tools and APIs in Windows 10 for developers.

The Windows 10 Tools and SDK 2 are coming in the first wave of builds and will be the first of several new Windows APIs to be added to Windows 10 this year.

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