What if the NHL had a better, cheaper system?

The NHL will soon get an upgrade to its game software.

That could mean something that will make the game more accessible, even if it’s not a lot of it.

The league’s latest, a software upgrade for all its video game devices, is slated to go into effect on Friday.

It will also add a new suite of tools that will help players better analyze and create plays, and will make it easier to share game data and statistics.

The changes are part of an ongoing effort by the NHL to upgrade its systems to better support digital technology.

The NHL used to have a single system that ran the league’s entire digital business.

It’s been split into two systems, each of which is designed to take advantage of the growing availability of streaming video services.

This past year, the league announced plans to launch a new platform that will allow players to watch games through the NHL’s TV app.

The app will also be available to other NHL players, which could open up the game to more people.

“We will also roll out additional suite of technologies, including analytics and technology-based tools, that will assist our players in better understanding the game, and ultimately, better playing the game,” commissioner Gary Bettman said in a news release.

The new suite will help streamline the entire process, allowing the league to get its software up and running quicker.

It’ll also allow for a more robust and personalized experience, said Tom McCollum, senior director of technology and innovation at the NHL.

The NHL also announced that it will also make its video games more affordable.

The league said it would start charging for a subscription service for the games that it sells.

The latest update to the league also adds new tools for players, including a new video assistant called The Score.

The game software team will also use The Score to provide analytics to players.

The Score will be free to players and will be available on all NHL video game consoles and mobile devices.

The goal is to make the experience more enjoyable for all, said NHL President of Business Operations David Andrews.

The new suite is a key part of that.

It will be a lot easier to track your own play and analyze your own team’s play.

It is going to make you more comfortable, and it is going