When you need to get out of the office

By Michael BieseckerUpdated Mar 18, 2018 10:00am EDTWASHINGTON — It may sound like a simple question: What should you do if your office is packed?

If so, you are not alone.

But this question is increasingly important for employees in a changing global economy.

The United States has seen the greatest job losses of any major economy since the recession, and it is becoming more difficult to find work.

That’s not only because of technology, but also the sheer number of people seeking employment.

In 2016, about 6.7 million Americans — or 15 percent of the population — were unemployed, according to the Labor Department.

In the U.S., there were 2.4 million job openings, the lowest since the Great Recession.

In the United Kingdom, the labor market was even worse.

In that country, there were nearly 7 million jobless workers in March.

More than 7 million people, or about 40 percent, of the U: S. workforce are now working fewer hours than they used to, according the National Employment Law Project.

And the number of hours they’re working has dropped since the recovery began.

The unemployment rate is also rising.

It reached 7.6 percent in the third quarter of 2018, up from 6.6 in the second quarter.

But that’s down from the high of 10.2 percent in March, and is down from 14.5 percent in December.

The trend is also changing the composition of jobs.

Many of the jobs that were once dominated by young people have shifted into sectors that are more white-collar.

And in some industries, like construction, the percentage of people who are white- or Hispanic-American has dropped.

The economy’s changing also has consequences for workers who are already in the labor force.

In some industries — particularly retail and hospitality — employers have made it harder for older workers to get jobs.

The labor market also has made it more difficult for younger workers to find a job.

The unemployment rate for young adults has jumped by 4 percentage points since the last recession.

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