Crocodile software technology ‘sets the bar’ for mobile app development, research finds

Terrenos Software Technologies (TS) has released a report revealing that mobile app developers have been “set the bar” for mobile software technologies for the past few years.

Terrenos’ CEO, Stephen Cope, said the research showed developers were creating software for a variety of devices.

“We’re seeing a whole range of different technologies that have come to mobile, including iOS and Android, and we’re seeing an increasing number of developers using those technologies to create apps for a range of platforms,” Mr Cope said.

“But what’s really really surprising is that the adoption of those technologies is increasing in all those platforms, so it’s really an indication of the trend of the past five years.”

There’s been a lot of excitement about mobile, but we think it’s going to continue for a while to come, particularly as developers continue to innovate on the platform.

“The research, which looked at the adoption and performance of a range a different software technologies from a variety, showed that iOS and android were the most popular platforms used by developers, with iOS gaining over 500,000 downloads in the year to March 2017.”

With mobile growing, developers are now looking to build apps for different devices, and with that, there’s a significant opportunity for those developers to get their apps more broadly used,” Mr Crope said of the growth in app usage.”

So there’s an opportunity to build an app that’s really useful to the wider community.

“In a press release, Terreno said it looked at five different types of app usage: app, mobile, social, video, and games.”

Each app has different use cases, but in each of those cases the app is used by people across the country, so that data helps us to make sense of the overall adoption of each app,” Mr Tronstad said.

Mr Cope acknowledged the growth of the use of mobile apps and said it would be interesting to see how it would evolve.”

I think there’s going be a lot more experimentation that goes on with that,” he said.

In the past year, Terreron’s team has been working on mobile apps that include video, music, and game genres.”

The app industry is changing, and that means developers need to adapt to the changes,” Mr Tronstad said, adding that TerrenOS software was designed to help developers build applications that worked across different devices.

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