How to make a mobile app with iOS 10 that won’t crash on iOS 10

In a recent article, the folks at aio technology described how to make an app that won`t crash on Apple’s latest iOS 10 release. 

The team of iOS developers explained that, unlike Apple, they don`t have a crash reporting app on their devices.

Instead, they`re using a suite of new APIs to enable developers to add features like a notification tray, an offline mode and much more.

In addition, aio developer Jonathan Jones explained how to use the new APIs in order to add native support for Apple`s latest features.

As for what exactly aio will be capable of, the team at aoit are hoping to launch the first app that can support iOS 10 on the iPhone 5s in the near future. 

As far as apps go, aIO is expected to support iOS 11 and Apple`S new AirDrop feature, so if you`re interested in using the app on your iPhone 5S, you might want to check out the source link below for more details.source The Washington Post