Microsoft releases new Windows 10 software technologies

Microsoft has released new Windows software technologies that will help developers deliver better experiences and provide more control over their applications.

Read moreThe new software is called Microsoft Windows 10 Developer Preview, and it includes several new features and improvements.

The most significant of these is a new Windows Store for developers that gives them control over when their apps are updated, and a new dashboard for tracking the progress of their apps.

Microsoft also announced new tools for developers to work with Microsoft Teams, which allows developers to share code, files and screenshots.

Microsoft said the new features are designed to allow developers to build apps that have better user experiences, and better responsiveness.

Microsoft’s new Windows Developer Preview will be available for download for PC, tablet and phone in the coming months.

It is available for free on Windows, Mac and Linux, and for $99.99 for desktop.

Microsoft previously released Windows 10 for smartphones, tablets and PCs, but the release for the desktop was delayed until 2019.