How to make a neon light show for your smartphone

With a neon-flicker-based neon system, a company called Neon-Tech is aiming to take smartphone neon into the future.

The company unveiled the new technology on Tuesday, and has already sold more than half a million neon-enabled phones.

The neon system is based on the principle of “light-on-demand” and lets users turn on their smartphones by tapping the screen, rather than having to do anything else.

It works by using a sensor on the phone’s screen to detect a light on the display and then emitting a light in response.

The company says it’s able to create an illumination effect that’s much more realistic than traditional LED lighting.

It doesn’t require an LED-based system, and can be programmed to work for any smartphone.

“We’re excited to introduce Neon-Technology’s groundbreaking new technology to the market,” said Jules Janssen, Neon-tech’s co-founder and CEO.

“Our company has a strong track record in creating innovative, cost-effective, and high-quality LED lighting systems that are easy to use, affordable, and environmentally friendly.”

Neon-Technics has developed a number of neon lighting systems, including the new system.

Its technology uses an embedded battery for power, which is then used to illuminate the device, as well as a low-energy LED to create a glowing effect.

Neon-technology is already available in the US and Europe.

The Neon-Lighting Project is a project that is aimed at helping developers to create neon-based lighting applications.

Jansensen told the BBC that Neon-Lights is “the most innovative neon lighting technology to come out of the UK, and one of the most affordable.”

Neon Light is a light-emitting device, meaning it’s powered by a battery that can be charged in a mobile device.

The new neon-lighting system works with Samsung Galaxy phones, including Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Tab 7.7, and Galaxy Tab 6.3.

The system is available for preorder for $79.99, which includes three neon-light-generating units.

Neon Light can be used for all phones in the Neon-lighting project, and it works with all Android phones.

You can also get Neon Light for Android phones through, or Neon-Software.

Neon Lenses can be purchased through Neon for $129.99.

Janssen also said Neon-Silicon is working with companies to develop an application for Android smartphones that could be integrated into neon-lens systems.

Neon Lights for Android is being developed by an international team of developers, and will be released this year.JANSEN said Neon Light has already been used in other projects, including on Kickstarter, and that Neon Lights will be the most powerful neon-system in the market.