The Next Step: An Analysis of The Next Steps to a New American Century

Posted September 05, 2018 03:18:28 As Donald Trump’s presidency continues to unfold, a new generation of Americans are looking to find answers about the future.

And that means looking beyond the immediate to consider the long-term implications of the current state of the country.

A new generation is being raised in a world where the United States has no longer been the world’s superpower, where the world is less free than ever, and where the US government is no longer trusted.

For many, it has become a nightmare.

This new generation has a very different view of the future, and they are looking beyond Trump to the future that the country built and the future the country will build in the future: one that will be a more equal, democratic, and peaceful world.

But is that really possible?

The new generation grew up in a different era, a time when many thought the US would become a global leader, and when its foreign policy was largely based on American interests and values.

But in a recent New York Times article, journalist Robert Parry reported that while the US is now the world leader in technology, the world continues to be divided.

As a result, many young people feel left out, and as the American economy stagnates, they are also seeing their dreams of a more just and equitable world dim.

While there are many who believe the US needs to stay strong, others see opportunities for a more open and inclusive world.

But while the world may be in a state of flux, there is a clear divide in what this means for the country and its future.

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