IBM wins deal with Adobe to stream games on mobile and smart TVs as part of IBM’s digital empire

IBM’s decision to make its cloud-based gaming console a universal app platform is making it one of the biggest players in the industry.

As part of its $2.7 billion deal with the video game company Adobe, IBM will stream more than 10,000 games on its cloud platform through the mobile app and smart TV devices it sells in a deal that will help drive revenue and expand IBM’s market share in mobile and connected devices.IBM Chief Technology Officer Kevin Kelly says the deal with Apple and other mobile-focused mobile app companies is the latest in a string of IBM investments in gaming as the company seeks to drive more value to its customers, which include video game makers, retailers, publishers, advertisers and government agencies.

The company is betting big on gaming as a future of computing, Kelly says, adding that the cloud-gaming platform offers the best way for developers to build games for mobile devices and add them to their existing apps.

IBM will create new IBM Cloud games to be available for the Apple iOS and Android platforms.

“This is really about making it easier for game developers to be able to develop their games and to be rewarded for that, and to monetize those games,” Kelly said.IBB’s move will give it access to a much wider audience of customers and could make it more attractive to publishers and developers in developing countries, where many people are still in school and still have not received proper education about digital video games.

The IBM deal is a key milestone for the company, which has been working on games for nearly a decade, Kelly said, adding the move will enable IBM to grow its mobile gaming business and attract more developers and consumers.

“We see this as a game changer,” he said.

“If we can be a platform that people can use to get into their game, they can play it.”

The new game platform, which will debut in 2017, will have an app store, a mobile app, a dedicated game store and a gaming-focused website.

IBM also plans to create a video game channel that will allow games to share their content on YouTube, Twitch, and other video sites.IBR’s acquisition of Adobe is the biggest bet IBM has made in gaming, which was once a niche market for IBM.

But as more companies have embraced the internet of things, and as consumers increasingly become aware of digital media, companies like IBM are becoming more aware of the importance of games.IBMs move comes after the company said last month it was buying an investment firm in order to focus on its digital games business.

The acquisition of the video-game company, the first big acquisition of a technology company in more than 20 years, comes as Apple has begun to open up its app stores for developers.

Apple, which had been aggressively expanding its games business by building in-app purchases for customers, said on Friday it will offer a new way for users to make purchases, allowing developers to use the app store to create games that are playable on a variety of devices.

The company is also launching a new app store called Apple Play, which allows developers to make games and share them with Apple’s millions of users, a move that Kelly said will help push the value of video games and app stores.

In its deal with IBM, Adobe said the two companies will provide the technology companies with a common platform for developing new apps for iOS and Mac.

IBM is investing more than $1 billion in the cloud service.

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