When Facebook and Twitter’s social-media networks shut down: How it could affect the rest of the internet

By The American ConservativesA new report from research firm Gartner predicts that as much as 70% of the world’s population will experience a loss of Internet access as a result of Facebook and its competitors shutting down.

The report, titled “How Facebook and Other Big Tech Companies Will Take Down the Internet” is part of a series of reports that highlight how tech companies and their competitors are likely to impact our daily lives and livelihoods in the years ahead.

It predicts that the Internet’s ability to provide information, make connections, and connect people around the world will be significantly limited in the coming years.

This is because the Internet is currently powered by massive computing and data centers that cannot be scaled to accommodate future growth in the number of users and the amount of data they have access to.

As the number and power of users on the Internet increases, we will be forced to pay the price.

And as a consequence, we won’t be able to enjoy our most precious freedoms and privileges as we have in the past.

According to Gartener, we’ll be unable to use our phones, access the Web, read email, surf the Web and do many other things that we use today.

And the consequences will be severe.

The Internet will become “a virtual desert” as it becomes impossible to maintain or scale up the computing capacity that is required to access the Internet, Gartengers report states.

It also warns that these trends will continue to accelerate as new technologies emerge that are designed to provide a fast, cheap, and convenient way for people to connect.

Accordingly, it’s likely that by 2020, there will be more than 1 billion Internet users worldwide.

The impact on other services will be much more immediate, according to the report, because it predicts that by 2025, most of the most popular Internet services will no longer be available.

This includes popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

Gartner estimates that more than one billion people worldwide will be unable, or unwilling, to access those sites, apps, services, and content.

The group says that many of these services are built with the goal of being able to provide access to information and services without paying for it, but that these services and services built on them will be disrupted.

Gardner says that the companies operating these services will also face significant competition from smaller players who will be able, as a way of making money, to create new services that require a subscription fee to access.

Gretchen Rubin, the company’s vice president of research and analytics, told Reuters in a statement that Facebook and other social media companies are already facing “unprecedented” market pressures as they continue to grow their businesses.

Gizmodo and The Verge have published reports that Facebook will lose at least $300 billion in annual revenue this year alone, and that its revenue is predicted to be about 50% lower than it was last year.

Gartners report warns that the trend is only expected to continue as Facebook and others continue to develop and launch new services.