India has become the first country in the world to open its source code to compete with the US, which has been developing its own software for the last five years.

Indias first competitive software initiative is an effort by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), a ministry that manages highways in the country, to launch a new, open-source version of the company’s RACE SOFTWARE technology.

The programme is aimed at bringing competitive, high-quality software to Indian users and manufacturers, the NHAI said.

The new version of RACE software is expected to make India the first nation to launch an open-sourced, competitive software platform.

India is already the only country in Asia to have such an open source-based road safety program.

The RACE initiative aims to provide an open and accessible source-code platform to enable Indian developers to compete and develop software for vehicles in India.

The RACE project was launched by NHA I in 2017, the agency said.

This open source program will allow Indians to develop software that works on the same platform, it said.

It will also be the first time India has developed its own open- source software platform, according to NHA, which will develop the software.NHA I will also develop a platform to promote competition and technology development in India, it added.

The NHA II will also open up the RACE program to international partners.

“India has been in a long process of software development, from the earliest of the first smartphones and the earliest smartphone designs, which was very much based on RACE,” said Sajan Sankaran, a software developer and entrepreneur based in New Delhi.

“From the very first of smartphones, which were made from the ROCAM, through to smartphones with touchscreen displays, all the way to smartphones running Android, we have seen a tremendous leap forward in the development of software in India,” he added.RACE is a software development tool used by manufacturers and others to build their own software.

India was the first to adopt the technology in 2006.

The US has also begun developing its proprietary software and is believed to have developed a proprietary software platform to compete.

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