Why do many football players look like this?

In this week’s Sport Bible, The Sport, the Sports Bible, the Sport, The Sports Bible is your source for all things football.

It’s a podcast for anyone, anywhere.

Like all podcasts, it’s also a way for you to share your opinions with the world.

You can find more than 600 episodes from across the world on iTunes.

Here are some highlights: • The latest in football technology and how it’s changing the game.

• How the Premier League has been able to retain its top-four status despite the emergence of the Bundesliga.

• Why some footballers look like the film version of Leonardo DiCaprio.

• What you need to know about the Premier Player Rating system and what it means for the game and the game in general.

• The importance of quality over quantity in football and the importance of a strong team ethic.• The history of the Premier Club League, the biggest division in world football, and how the clubs have evolved over the years.

• A look at some of the top names in the game, from the greats like Michael Owen to the lesser-known names like Jack Wilshere and Christian Benteke.

Plus: The Premier League’s most valuable player, the most important man in the Premier league, and the players you might want to watch in the Europa League.

This week’s podcast: How does football technology change the game?

• What makes a good football player?

• Is it good to play with your heart or with your head?

• The best Premier League teams and players this season.

• Premier League Fantasy football is here, and if you’re interested in it, join the club.

• Footballers from the top 10 leagues to the bottom 10.

• Will this year’s World Cup make you better?

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