Why do many football players look like this?

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Here are some highlights: • The latest in football technology and how it’s changing the game.

• How the Premier League has been able to retain its top-four status despite the emergence of the Bundesliga.

• Why some footballers look like the film version of Leonardo DiCaprio.

• What you need to know about the Premier Player Rating system and what it means for the game and the game in general.

• The importance of quality over quantity in football and the importance of a strong team ethic.• The history of the Premier Club League, the biggest division in world football, and how the clubs have evolved over the years.

• A look at some of the top names in the game, from the greats like Michael Owen to the lesser-known names like Jack Wilshere and Christian Benteke.

Plus: The Premier League’s most valuable player, the most important man in the Premier league, and the players you might want to watch in the Europa League.

This week’s podcast: How does football technology change the game?

• What makes a good football player?

• Is it good to play with your heart or with your head?

• The best Premier League teams and players this season.

• Premier League Fantasy football is here, and if you’re interested in it, join the club.

• Footballers from the top 10 leagues to the bottom 10.

• Will this year’s World Cup make you better?