What to expect at Microsoft’s Surface event on Friday

Microsoft will host its Surface event for the first time on Friday, and it looks like the device won’t be available for purchase.

The company has announced that it will host a free event for attendees on Friday afternoon, and those who pre-order a Surface RT will be able to get the device for a price of $999.99 on April 18.

Microsoft has also announced that the Surface RT is a Windows 10 Mobile device, meaning it’s not a full Windows 10 device.

It will be possible to buy an RT-based Surface RT through its own online store, though.

That means you can use it with Windows 10 on a PC, Mac, tablet, or laptop.

Microsoft says the RT will ship to customers in April, though it’s unclear how long it’ll be available to buy.

Microsoft is also offering a limited edition of the RT that will be available in limited quantities starting Friday.

The limited edition will feature a limited amount of the Surface 10.1 Pro and a limited number of Surface RT models.

Microsoft will be announcing more Surface RT devices and the new Surface Studio later this week.

We’ll be covering all of the latest Surface RT news and events this weekend.