Facebook says it will offer new service to developers that uses blockchain technology

Posted November 08, 2018 10:57:00 Facebook is announcing a new service that uses the technology behind the Bitcoin blockchain to allow developers to make applications that use the technology to manage their business.

The company is offering an open source application called Ethereum and the use of blockchain technology is a way to allow companies to build their own applications without relying on the traditional technology stack. 

It’s a similar model to the way a new platform such as Twitter uses Ethereum to create new features and make it easier to connect with the world, as opposed to the traditional system of platforms. 

The new service, called Ethereum Mobile, will be available to developers in two phases: first, the Ethereum Foundation will work to create a platform for developers to start building apps on top of Ethereum; and second, the platform will be used to make and deploy applications to the platform.

Developers will be able to take advantage of the platform to create applications that run on Facebook, and developers can use the platform in a variety of ways to run their applications on the platform, said the company in a blog post. 

Facebook is already working on applications that allow developers use Ethereum in their own apps.

It recently unveiled an application called My Ethereum, which lets developers run their own blockchain-based applications.

The platform will also allow developers and business users to interact and communicate with each other, Facebook said.

It will also provide an easy way for business users and developers to share information and share data between each other.

Users can access the platform by signing up for a developer account and choosing the option to use the Ethereum mobile application. 

Once you have an account, you can use it to build applications on top in the Ethereum platform. 

In a similar way to the Twitter application, Facebook says you can run a Twitter app on top, and then build an application using the Ethereum Mobile application.

“The Facebook app is an open platform that is built on top Ethereum, so developers can build applications that leverage its unique power to manage business, from marketing to business applications,” Facebook said in the blog post announcing the Ethereum application.

“By using Ethereum mobile, they can also take advantage. 

Developers can leverage the Facebook app to develop, deploy, and manage their applications using Ethereum blockchain technology.”

The Ethereum Mobile app is open source and free to use, and the platform also allows for a broad range of third-party applications to run on top. 

This means developers will have the ability to create their own services that are designed to run across the Facebook platform.

Facebook will be offering developers a way of adding functionality to their apps, including the ability for them to build out applications that are compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

Facebook will also offer a developer a toolkit for building applications that integrate with the platform that includes a set of tools for building the Ethereum-based business applications.

“Developers should build apps that leverage the Ethereum Platform to enable users to work more efficiently, manage more efficiently and have better engagement with their business,” Facebook wrote. 

“We believe this is the right way to go in the future.”