Irish technology company Ocr Technology announces first commercial cloud-based car tracking platform

Dublin, Ireland – Ocr Technologies today announced that it has launched its first commercial car tracking system.

Ocr Software has been developing the technology for the last 12 months, and has already received regulatory approval to operate.

“We’re excited to announce that Ocr has successfully delivered the first commercial vehicle tracking solution for the Irish market,” said Ocr CEO, Sean O’Brien.

“The system is fully integrated with Ocr’s mobile platform, Ocr Car Tracker, which allows customers to track their cars using their smartphones.”

This platform also provides Ocr customers with a number of unique and unique features that allow them to manage their vehicles remotely and monitor their data.

Ocros Car Tracker is a fully functional automotive tracking app that allows customers access to their car’s speed, driving, speed and location.

The app also provides a central location for all of their vehicles.

“Over the last year, we have worked closely with local and national authorities to make sure that the Ocr software is compliant with Irish regulations and has been fully vetted.

This will make it easier for customers to securely collect, share and track their data in the future.”

Ocr will soon begin accepting applications for its commercial system, with an estimated start date of December 2020.

“Dublin has an incredible and thriving technology scene, with companies like Ocr and others competing for customers’ time and money,” said Mr O’Connor.

“As we grow our network of dealerships, we will be able to expand our technology to provide customers with the fastest and most secure way to get the most out of their cars.”

Ocro Car Tracker uses the Ocronix software platform to enable vehicles to be tracked remotely.

The Ocr platform is also being used by other car tracking companies in Ireland, such as NOSO and Ocr-CAT.

Oculis Car Tracker was developed by Oculus in partnership with OCR and is a proprietary software platform that allows Ocr to connect to its customers’ vehicles via their mobile phone.

Ocso Car Tracker allows customers who have Ocr Tracker on their mobile device to download and use the software to track the vehicle and their vehicle data, and to access the information from the Ocsol car app, as well as its internal dashboard.

Oculara Car Tracker and Ocularo are the first companies to deliver commercial systems that are designed specifically for the use of Ocr Automotive’s proprietary Oculix platform.

Oculus Car Tracker features a customised version of Oculos Car Tracker that enables drivers to track and share their car data in real time with other Oculi customers, without needing to leave their cars or leave their own homes.

Oclaro Car Tracker enables Oculo customers to access their vehicles from the comfort of their own home or office.

OCLARO is a commercial, mobile-based vehicle tracking platform that integrates seamlessly with Oculas Car Tracker for the purpose of helping Oculians, Ocula and other Ocularians to secure and track vehicle data.

“The Oculota Car Tracker platform is one of the most successful in the world,” said Ms McEneill.

“Its combination of speed, location and speed/distance tracking will provide a platform that is uniquely suited for our clients’ needs.

We look forward to building on this success in Ireland.”