New software allows users to track their pets in real time

Updated October 24, 2018 07:07:54The latest software from software giant Chamfer is a way to track your pets in the wild and also lets you view their location, which could help you locate them and help them stay safe in the event of a predator attack.

Chamfer software uses GPS technology to track the movement of your pet, including their location and distance.

The software also tracks their speed, the distance they are from you, and when they are walking, jumping, running or laying down.

You can even see where your pet is by looking at them in the background of the software.

The software allows you to add a webcam, as well as track them with a video camera, which lets you see their movements.

Chumfer CEO Richard Schaeffer said he believes the software is a big step forward for pet owners and veterinarians.

“It’s not just about tracking your pet; it’s about providing a way for your animal to communicate with you,” Schaeffer said.

Chamfers software is based on a technique called “fog generation.” “

If you can’t communicate that, then they will be lost.”

Chamfers software is based on a technique called “fog generation.”

Fog generation is a method of detecting movement and then turning it into a signal for other nearby animals to follow.

A fog can also help animals avoid predators and find food.

If you’re using the software and you don’t see any of your pets, you can use the camera to see their location.

You can also view the location and the distance to your pet.

The distance and speed of the pet can be used to track them as well.

Once you have the location of your dog or cat, you simply enter your pet’s name, phone number, and address.

The dog or pet will then appear in a list of nearby animals that you can follow.

When your pet has left the list of animals, you are then given a menu option that allows you or your pet to enter a location.

The app will then let you choose whether to send the animal on a walk, take it to the park, or let them stay with you.

The location will then be added to the pet’s “location log.”

You can then choose to keep track of the location or share it with your friends.

When you send a location, your pets will be added.

The app will also show you the current location of any pet that has not left the location log.

You’ll also be notified if your pets have disappeared from the app.

If you send your pet off on a drive, you’ll get a message saying you’ve been approved for a ride and the pet will be placed in a nearby vehicle.

The Chamfers program will continue to evolve and will soon allow users to create their own virtual pet.

They will also begin tracking the movement and location of their pets.

“The Chamfer team has a long history of working to create the world’s most advanced software, technology, and services,” Schuett said.

The company has a history of developing software that allows pets to live independently in their own environment, he said.

The company was the first to introduce pet tracking technology to a large audience, Schuet said.

“Chamfeer is working to bring a new level of personalization to the way pets live and interact in the world,” he said in a statement.

Chamberfers technology will be used by more than 1.5 million pet owners.