‘No one wants a broken phone’: What’s wrong with phones and software?

The new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8, has some new features that may please some.

But not everyone is pleased.

Read moreApple Inc. AAPL 0.00% shares are up 2.5% in early trade Monday.

Samsung Electronics Co. is down 1.6%.

Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 8 and 8 Plus later this month, and the company has said it will sell up to 2 million of them in the first week of January.

Samsung is expected not to break its own sales record, but the iPhone is a bigger seller than the iPhone 8.

Apple’s iPhone has become the best-selling smartphone in the world, outpacing the Samsungs and the iPhone XS.

The new iPhone has more battery life, faster processors and a camera with a bigger sensor than the Samsung phones.

Samsung, meanwhile, said its phones will have the best cameras ever.

Samsung is hoping that sales of the new phone will boost its profit and help the company compete with Apple in the future.

It also said its smartphones are safer than those of Apple.

Apple is not expecting the new iPhone to be the best selling smartphone in 2018, but it is expected that it will surpass the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S9, the most popular smartphone.