What you need to know about the new version of Crm software

This is the third major update to Crm, and it brings a host of new features to the service.

The most significant of these is the introduction of a new Crm user interface.

Users will now have the option of choosing a colour scheme for their personal user interface, and this will also be available to all users, as well as new colour options for other elements of the interface.

Users will also have the ability to use customisation options for certain aspects of the service, including access to customisable data sources and settings.

The most significant new feature for users is the ability for them to make their own personalised Crm settings, which will be available for both individual and company users.

The settings can be shared with others on the team, and there will also now be the option to share individual user settings to a company or individual user, for example if they are on a different team or if they have an account on a separate company.

As well as these new features, users will also see a significant overhaul to the way Crm updates are handled.

Users now have access to a more reliable, and more comprehensive, monitoring system that monitors their Crm status, and will also gain a new dashboard.

Users also now have a new feature that will let them view a history of the past 24 hours of all Crm activity, so they can check on how it’s performing.

This is not the first time Crm has received a major update, with the company previously updating the software for the Xbox 360 in 2011.