How to make your own VR apps

article Mashable has partnered with developers to create a new VR-based app that uses the Vive’s wireless sensors to detect and track objects.

The app, called Virtual Reality Detectors, will let users “see the world as it would be if the room is virtual,” said CEO John Deutsch.

The app is being developed by Oculus VR, which is working with several companies to develop and release a set of apps for the HTC Vive.

The company’s first game, The Secret World, has sold more than a million copies and is now available on both the Vive and SteamVR, as well as the Oculus Home VR app store.

Deutsch said the app is in the early stages, and is not yet ready for public consumption.

It uses the sensors of the Vive to detect the presence of objects, such as objects in a room, and sends an “Oculus-specific signal” to the app’s tracking app to determine the location of each object.

He said the idea is to use this data to “get an overview of the room.”

He added that the app can only detect objects in one direction at a time, which limits its usefulness in the real world.

“You want to have a good sense of where the object is, and you want to see the scene that’s going on,” he said.

The sensors in the app are designed to detect objects as far away as 10 meters away.

“The idea of tracking objects and knowing their location, that’s kind of what we’re going for with the VR detectors,” Deutsch said.

“We want to build an app that’s able to detect a room as you walk through it and know where to go.”

He said the sensors could also be used to identify objects in the room as well.

“If you walk past the thing and it’s there and it seems to be a person, we’ll know,” he explained.

The developers said that they are currently developing a version for the Oculus Touch controllers.

It’s a “small, touch-only version” of the app that allows for gestures, but it does not support Oculus Touch or the Oculus Rift.

Deutsche Bank said that it is working on a similar VR app called Oculus Touch VR, and that it will be releasing “soon.”

The developers said the developers plan to launch their app “in the coming weeks” after they complete development on their own app.

DeSchusel said that Oculus VR is currently working on “many more VR apps,” including ones that use the Vive, but that they would only release the ones that are “critical” to VR.

“I would like to see us release a handful of VR apps per month,” he added.

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