Google+ is not a ‘cloud-based’ company, Google says

Google is not using Google+ as a cloud-based platform, according to its latest earnings report, as the search giant has yet to establish a presence in the cloud.

The news comes as Google+ was one of the first tech companies to embrace Google’s cloud-centric ambitions.

Google’s latest earnings release showed that the search engine giant has lost nearly $400m in its last quarter, as Google’s search revenue dropped by 8% compared to the same quarter a year ago.

Its share price fell by over 5% to $9.87 per share, while its revenue fell by more than 1% to more than $1.85 billion.

In its earnings report released on Tuesday, Google said that it expects the cloud to continue to grow at an average rate of 3% per quarter for the next four years, and that Google+ will likely have a cloud presence by 2020.

The search engine company has invested heavily in cloud infrastructure in recent years, which is the company’s strategy to create a central repository of all its content for users to access and share.

Google+ is one of a number of Google services that have been designed to make it easier for users and businesses to share and access content in the social network.

Google+ allows users to post and share photos, videos, music and other content directly from the social media platform, and it also has a feature called ‘Share As’ that lets users tag content to share it across all of Google+.

The company is also working to make Google+ a more efficient way for businesses to manage and share content across their networks, as well as offering a simpler and more effective way to share content with the broader Google community.

The cloud has been one of Google’s key revenue drivers for the company, with its search revenue up by nearly $1 billion in the past three quarters.

However, as more and more content has been uploaded to Google+, it has also become a primary way for Google to make money for its partners, and Google’s revenue has also been hit by the cost of its own cloud storage and other services.