Google Chrome’s new UI changes are not so bad

We’re all used to Google Chrome getting a good design overhaul in the next version of the browser, and that will likely be the case with the upcoming 10.12 update.

The biggest change is the new interface, which includes a new tab bar, better support for custom tabs, and better navigation.

This is probably the biggest change that Google has made to the Chrome experience in a while.

The new tabbar looks similar to that of Firefox, and you can now toggle tabs using the new tab shortcut.

This also allows you to jump between tabs with the arrow keys and double-click on them.

This feature has been a staple in Chrome for a long time, and it looks like it will continue to be an essential feature in the new browser.

A number of other new features will also be added, including the ability to create a new web page, add audio to a web page and edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.

You can now open the web browser in full screen mode, which is great for browsing the web in fullscreen mode.

There are also new web browser extensions for Microsoft Edge, and there are also some new security features in the 10.10.11 update.

We are still waiting for a good update to the Firefox OS, but that will be a lot easier with the next release of the software.

If you’re using Firefox OS for the first time, check out our full review of the Firefox 10.11.1 update.