Which software technologies will be the big beneficiaries of Apple’s ‘Big Data’ push?

Apple is preparing to roll out a new set of software features to its iPhone X and XS models, including one that will allow them to store information on an iPhone’s camera and GPS for up to seven days without requiring a data wipe.

In a patent filed by Apple earlier this month, the company details how a “back up” function would work, and the functionality would also let users keep their iPhone’s photos and videos on their phone for up for up days without needing a data wiping.

The software features include “Back Up and Restore” that lets users “back-up and restore a selected set of photos and video clips, such as audio or video clips from a mobile device to a compatible mobile device, and from a selected mobile device back to a mobile phone,” Apple wrote.

Apple says the feature would be available in the iOS 11 beta, and could be rolled out to all iPhone models by the end of 2018.

The company has not yet disclosed when the feature will be rolled to iPhone X models.