Japan to install 300m connected devices in 2020

Japan is set to introduce 300m smart devices and 100m connected smart homes by 2020, with the first in line being a network of connected cars.

The country will also spend US$7.6bn to build 3.4m connected homes and install more than 400,000 smart meters by 2020.

The move comes after Japan announced a plan to install the devices by 2020 and the network of vehicles is expected to cover the countrys entire territory by 2030.

The country is also to install around 4 million connected homes by 2021, including 1.6 million connected smart-home appliances and 100,000 connected cameras.

Japan will spend $1.4bn on the project, and will work with car manufacturers and smart home devices to help it achieve its goal.

More than 3 million people have been registered as potential customers in the country, and the government is aiming to connect more than half of all households by 2020 to the internet. Source: AP