How to Create a Deep Fake in Kaspersky Antivirus software

Posted November 03, 2018 09:02:25 I have a question about the security vulnerabilities that have been exploited by a company called DeepFake, who claim to have a product called Deepfake Antivir.I was hoping to ask about the capabilities of this product, but the question was too long and I had to make a new one.My […]

How to make a mobile app with iOS 10 that won’t crash on iOS 10

In a recent article, the folks at aio technology described how to make an app that won`t crash on Apple’s latest iOS 10 release.┬áThe team of iOS developers explained that, unlike Apple, they don`t have a crash reporting app on their devices.Instead, they`re using a suite of new APIs to enable developers to add features […]