Why you should stop using Apple software in 2018

Why you shouldn’t use Apple software anymore if you don’t care about its privacy and security issues.Akshara, a software technology company, is a leading company in the development of cloud-based data analytics services for the healthcare and government industries.In 2018, the company announced that it would stop supporting iOS and MacOS applications, with the end […]

How to stop people using AI and other technology to rob you

The rise of AI is bringing with it a whole new wave of automation.The machines are smarter and more capable, making them much more dangerous.Here are some ways to stop them.1.Stop the bots from being paid.Companies like Airbnb and Uber are the biggest targets for botnetting.That’s because they provide a way to rent out apartments […]

Akshara is ready to roll out blockchain-powered software for businesses

Aksharas software technology will help businesses manage the digital world better by automating complex processes.The company, which is now listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, will be the first company to offer blockchain technology to businesses in the country.The company, founded by the founders of the Bitcoin-based Bitcoin exchange BTC China, is seeking a […]