Which companies are building AI-driven AI?

A new study by Microsoft Research has found that there are about 1.3 billion companies working on artificial intelligence (AI) today, with companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon and Twitter dominating the market.But the study, released on Wednesday, has found significant market overlap between these companies, meaning they could easily be competing for business.Microsoft has […]

Facebook says it will offer new service to developers that uses blockchain technology

Posted November 08, 2018 10:57:00 Facebook is announcing a new service that uses the technology behind the Bitcoin blockchain to allow developers to make applications that use the technology to manage their business.The company is offering an open source application called Ethereum and the use of blockchain technology is a way to allow companies to […]

How to stop Apple’s App Store from ruining your life

Apple’s iTunes Store is the one place to purchase digital goods and services online, but it’s not exactly a place for people to get stuff they need.The iTunes Store’s popularity and ease of use make it one of the biggest sources of revenue for tech companies, but Apple is struggling to make the store sustainable.So […]