How to get the best price on your tech purchases

A $5 million tax bill would boost the bottom line of big tech companies, but would also raise the cost of many consumers, according to a new study.The study, authored by the Economic Policy Institute and the Tax Foundation, said that companies with the most technology-intensive businesses would benefit from the tax reform bill, while […]

How to Build a $50,000 PHP Framework

An article on a startup’s web site gives the impression that it is an advanced software development studio.The product description reads: This is a powerful PHP framework, with powerful functions to create, extend, and customize PHP websites.This framework can be used to build any type of PHP application from a website to a blog.It is […]

Construction software technologies suwegas new product,suwegas first commercial product, suwego software technologies

Google News Canada (Canada), a news source covering technology and business topics, offers a comprehensive overview of the construction software industry, as well as the industry’s future and challenges.In this article, we discuss the suwegas latest product, Suwegam, and its potential impact on the construction industry.Suwgams new product suwegan,, is a search engine that allows […]