Google Glasses, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR, and more: Which VR headsets should you buy?

Posted February 09, 2019 06:14:49Google Glasses are going away and it looks like the Samsung GearVR is going to be the next big thing.While Oculus and PlayStationVR both have their own virtual reality (VR) headsets, Google’s virtual reality is going the way of the dinosaur.The Google Glass was the first of its kind, and while […]

Which of the new ‘Super Bowl’ winners will have the biggest impact?

Super Bowl 50 is the biggest sporting event in history and it will be broadcasted on the internet on Sunday night.It will mark the first time that people can watch the game on the web, but a lot of people will not be able to see it because of geo-blocking.It will also be the biggest […]