Facebook says it will offer new service to developers that uses blockchain technology

Posted November 08, 2018 10:57:00 Facebook is announcing a new service that uses the technology behind the Bitcoin blockchain to allow developers to make applications that use the technology to manage their business.The company is offering an open source application called Ethereum and the use of blockchain technology is a way to allow companies to […]

Crocodile software technology ‘sets the bar’ for mobile app development, research finds

Terrenos Software Technologies (TS) has released a report revealing that mobile app developers have been “set the bar” for mobile software technologies for the past few years.Terrenos’ CEO, Stephen Cope, said the research showed developers were creating software for a variety of devices.“We’re seeing a whole range of different technologies that have come to mobile, […]

Why you should upgrade your smartphone and other devices today

You’ll want to upgrade your phone and other device today.That’s because there are more and more security vulnerabilities in devices and apps, according to security firm Trend Micro.Trend Micro, which tracks smartphone security trends, said this week that more than 40 percent of Android phones were susceptible to malicious code injection attacks.This is a big […]